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We’re passionate about where we live and rural communities all over the country.

So we work with an expanding list of hay producers and small farms in the South West. When we’ve used everything from our farm these guys step in. By doing this, we’re helping to support local areas and enable the long-term protection of the countryside.


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We believe that a successful business is one that benefits the environment around it.

To support this we have set aside areas on the farm specifically to encourage wildlife. There are an abundance of wildflowers herbs even purple orchids (Orchis mascula) growing naturally.

Our farm is a traditional Devon farm, made up of many small fields, each bordered by hedgerows. Some of which are the original parish boundary between Dowland and Dolton. Devon’s hedgerows (which has a larger, more intact hedgerow heritage than any other county, 53,000km in total) date back to Medieval times and are an essential element of the farmed landscape.

These hedgerows are of great importance, not only to us but also to our wildlife. Our residents here include a busy badger set, foxes, roe deer, nesting buzzards and we also have a nearby barn owl.

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