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Green Credentials

Here at Nature’s Own we’re always striving to improve our green credentials by recycling more, reducing our energy consumption and using renewable energy. So it might interest you to know that, as part of our packaging process, we extract and recycle around 100 tonnes of dust from our hay, straw and wood shavings products each year.

“What do you do with all that dust?” you ask. Well, we make briquettes of course!

These briquettes burn incredibly well, and after a few trials to get the size right we now offer them as a fuel source to local residents, with 25% of the proceeds going to the


green credentials The recoverable energy in these briquettes is equivalent to burning 30,000 litres of diesel.

But this isn’t all we do to help the environment. We also have a 50Kw solar array on the roof of our manufacturing barn helping to reduce our electricity usage. Team that with our newly installed biomass boilers, (burning locally produced sustainable wood chip) used to power our drying facility for the Sweet Green … Hay products and you’ve got a winning formula for a lowered, mainstream, energy need.

Biomass boiler

green credentials

If you’re interested in our hay drying, you can read more here.




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