Pets Tea Time – Well Being


Well Being – box of 12 tea pyramids

A tasty tea infusion which offers your pet a balanced mixture of tasty herbs with vital natural oils, which can stimulate the immune system. A strong immune defence could improve their well being.

Preparation Instructions:

Brew 1 tea bag with 200ml of boiling water; steep for 5 minutes; remove the bag and allow to cool completely; put cooled tea in  your animal’s usual waterer

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Ingredients – Well Being Tea:

Mulberry leaves, rosehip peel, liquorice root,  peppermint, anise, chokeberry, pomace, stinging nettle leaves, red rose blossom leaves, sea buckthorn, pineapple cubes

Herbal Fruit Tea Mixtures

We are proud to be introducing our 4 new herbal teas for your precious pets. These varieties have been formulated with vets and can provide well-being benefits for the stomach, teeth, bladder & kidney, over-all health or can be used just as a tasty variation to water and to help encourage an increased intake of fluids.

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