Dried Peppermint

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Dried peppermint leaves, nothing more, nothing less.  A wonderfully fragrant and tasty treat to encourage foraging fun and a great boredom reliever, add this to your animal’s usual hay and feed. Can have a positive effect on the respiratory system.

A beautiful dark green colour, please ensure you store this product away from strong smells and in a cool dry place with minimal light to prolong the natural smell and colour.

A good source of vitamins, high in fibre and antioxidants; 100% natural and biodegradable

Can also be used as a delicious tea infusion, in a hot bath to soothe your skin and use it in the garden as a natural ant repellent.

200g or 1kg


Feeding guidelines.

We would always recommend feeding this alongside other fresh fruits, vegetables and an appropriate feed, such as our Only Natural Rabbit or Guinea Pig Feed. A fresh water supply should be available at all times.

Dust extraction.

All of our hay, straw and wood shavings products go through a dust extraction process before being packaged.

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